Riedel O Range Shiraz

Riedel O Range Shiraz

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The Riedel ‘O’ Range Shiraz glasses are suited to Shiraz, Pinotage wines and highlights the tannins, offering a perfect balance with the overwhelmingly concentrated fruit.

  • Design: 2003
  • Height: 132 mm, 5-3/8"
  • Capacity: 620ccm, 21-7/8" oz
  • Perfect for young, full-bodied Syrah/Shiraz wines from the New World.
  • Material: Machine-made Crystal
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The wines made from the grape variey Shiraz give a deep purple, almost inky, colour. The nose resembles intense, rich, blackberry aromas, with a hint of pepper and spice. The flavours on the palate show mouth-filling fruit, massive structure, and a long sweet finish.
  • Recommended for: Shiraz, Pinotage, Hermitage, Grenache, Malbec.

    THE ‘O‘ RANGE In 2004, Maximilian Riedel grabbed the attention of the wine and tabletop industries with the introduction of his "O" series, an innovative collection of stemless wine glasses. “The “O” glass has delighted many and outraged a few,” said Maximilian. “People were quick to embrace a glass that offered all the enjoyment that Riedel is famous for yet was more casual, easy to use, wash and store and added a playful element to the wine and spirits experience.” Today, the "O" collection has grown to include thirteen different glass designs including six varietally-specific wine glass shapes, a glass for sparkling wine, saké, spirits, water and even one for a martini. The success of “O” is easy to understand: casual, contemporary and chic, perfect for those who crave elegant and uncomplicated designs that work for everyday use. It is a glass that invites contact and intimacy while raising eyebrows. It holds just the right amount to savor and swirl at the end of a dinner or in front of a fire. The Spirit of “O” comes packed two to a box and is perfect for sharing a nightcap. When asked why a glass for spirits, Maximilian Riedel explained, “I enjoy Port and spirits after dinner or as the evening winds down and conversation deepens. I love the way you can roll the glass in your hand - it’s almost contemplative.” And like the rest of the “O” collection, the Spirit of “O” is casual and convenient—dishwasher safe with no stems to break. “O” what will Riedel think of next?

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